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workplace wealth_ enables financial firms to safeguard their business while empowering their advisors to work smarter.

_Centralizes all work apps and data in one place

_Provides for company control and security at a central hub

_Delivers a modern company work experience to users virtually

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With workplace wealth_, you gain security, control and compliance

_Aggregates a firm's technology environment into a centralized cloud where it can be secured, controlled and monitored

_ Safeguards and defends a firm's business applications, data and devices against human and automated threats

_Allows firms to quickly address fast-changing regulatory requirements with granular, automated and managed security controls and audit features

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With workplace wealth_, you increase your advisors' productivity and flexibility

_Becomes a firm's interface for work, integrating all the tools employees need to get their job done

_Facilitates easy collaboration among advisors, teams, partners and clients with applications and tools that are one click away

_Enables employees to work from whatever firm-approved devices make them most productive


Why a digital hub?

Embrace today's IT environment without compromising security, control and compliance.

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